I’m On the Road!

We are finally on the road to our new home in Montpelier, VT!

After two hellish days of packing, I’ve learned a few important things about moving:

1. You always have more stuff than you think.

Seriously, where did it all come from? My belongings didn’t look like much when they were all tucked away in their proper places, but suddenly it was all spread out on the living room floor and I was beginning to panic. Which brings me to number two.

2. Despite your best intentions, you will never leave on time.

Yesterday morning, I thought we could get on the road by 9am. By noon the day before, it was painfully clear that wasn’t going to happen. By 9am yesterday, I was still trying to gather the last of the stray clothing to pack in a 50 gallon bin. By noon, we had removed all of the big furniture items, and by 3pm, we had closed up two rooms. By the time everything was cleared out and the moving van completely packed, we didn’t get on the road until 6pm.

3. There will always be a few “junk” boxes.

In my naive plans for the move, I frequently mentioned to anyone who asked that I refused to pack any “junk” boxes. These are the boxes that contain the contents of whatever was on your desk at the time, or everything you could dump out of a single drawer. Ideally, I wanted to pack exactly what I knew I wanted to keep, and I get rid of the rest. By the time 3pm rolled around I had at least one box named “knick knack paddy whack, give this stuff a home” and “I went to Vermont in a box with no name.”

I probably should have spent less time naming the junk boxes, but the job was finally complete and we are on our way!

This week, I’ve decided to do something a little different for my usual update. Because I packed up all but the bare minimum in my kitchen for the last week, and because moving makes me a little crazy, I don’t have many recipes to contribute. I would, however, like to share a few of my favorite food blogs outside of the WordPress community. These are the kinds blogs that inspired me to start a blog of my own, and the ones that I’m constantly checking on for new ideas and go-tos.

I’m updating from my phone app today, so I apologize if the formatting is a bit off or if Autocorrect does something totally bizarre that I miss!

1.) Food 52


This is where I found the vegan pie crust recipe for my blueberry pie. I love the creativity of the featured foods and the photography is always stunning. If I’m looking for general recipes, like brownies or roast chicken, this is my first stop. Finding reliable recipes in the vast expanse of the world wide web can often be a challenge, but I’ve yet to come across one I didn’t love from Food 52.

2.) Green Kitchen Stories


I discovered this blog about six months ago, when I decided to participate in a four weeks diet cleanse with my yoga studio. No animal products, no gluten, no caffeine, and no added sugar. Of course, my first thought was “so what can I eat?” You might have visions of salads and tons of fruit, but let me nip that thought in the bud right now and show you exactly what I ate:

Bean and Walnut Chilli

Technically speaking, dark chocolate has caffeine, but it was nothing compared to my usual 2-3 cups of black coffee a day, so I figured I could let it slide :-)

Some of my other favorite recipes include their Beet Bourguignon, the Peach and Portobello Burgers, Yoga Pot, and really, every recipe I’ve tried so far.

I’ve always maintained that we eat first with our eyes, and this blog is the quintessence of eye candy. Photography aside, the food they prepare is so colorful and inviting, you can’t wait to dive right in.

3.) How Sweet It Is

how sweet it is

I don’t have nearly enough dessert in my life. I’m more of a savory chef and when I started this blog, I had to make a very conscious effort to include some sweet things.

This is not a problem for Jessica, of How Sweet It Is. She claims that she and vegetables are the best of frenemies, but you wouldn’t know it from her collection of recipes.

She strikes a pretty good balance between things sweet and savory. One of my favorite recipes from her combine fruits, vegetables, and chocolate. Once again, I’m drawn to beautiful photography and creativity.

4.) Iowa Girl Eats

Iowa Girl

This girl speaks to my stomach. To call her style “comfort food” would be reductive and misleading, but there is something inherently comforting about the food she features in her blog.

One of my favorite recipes from her was the one that introduced me to her blog earlier this spring, Crispy Gnocchi with Zucchini Sweet Corn and Basil

My dad has made gnocchi for us since we were old enough to stuff our own faces, but I’ve never tried frying it up in olive oil. It was a tasty revelation and I should have been doing it all along.

Anden informs me that we are a couple hours out of Cleveland, OH, and that he would like a break from driving soon. Time to throw on the audiobook and get going! The next time you hear from me, we’ll be in Vermont!

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