Recommended Cookbooks


Cooking from the Farmer’s Market


Cooking from the Farmers' Market

This book is organized by ingredient and gives a few solid recipes for each one. There are handy charts that give you a great idea of what produce to look for at certain times of the year and tips on working with each. I’ve gone back to the recipe for pork medallions with roasted figs so many times, the book practically falls open to the page. They have great suggestions for less common ingredients, such as broccoli rabe, and new twists on old favorites, such as their recipe for an acorn squash and chorizo tart. Find it here on Amazon.

Green Market Baking Book

Laura C. Martin

Believe it or not, this is the only baking book I own. This book focuses on using local, seasonal and organic ingredients, and get this, none of their recipes use refined sugar. Not one. They use every sort of sweetening alternative from honey and maple syrup, to date and maple sugar. Their list of recipes is downright impressive, from maple sugar angel food cake to fig and basil muffins, I promise you wont miss the sugar. It’s also available as an ebook from Barnes and Noble, and iTunes!

Home Made

Yvette van Boven

This book has everything from making bread to making your own cheese and everything in between. When it comes to cookbooks, I’m sort of like a child in that I am drawn to beautiful pictures. The photography in this book is stunning and some of the more complicated instructions (like jams, cheeses, and chocolates) include illustrated step-by-step directions so you’re never left wondering “did I do that quite right?” This is one of the pricier books on my list, but next time you’re in your local bookstore, go ahead and flip through it. You may fall for it as hard as I did!

Buy it on Amazon

Super Natural Every Day

Heidi Swanson

Fellow blogger and mastermind behind 101cookbooks brings you a cookbook filled to the brim with brilliant recipes from her site. If you’re unfamiliar with her story, Heidi began her blog when she realized that she had collected over 100 cookbooks and should probably start using them soon. From there she started developing her own recipes and from those she put together this fabulous collection. My absolute favorite recipe from this is the baked oatmeal, which is super easy to prepare the night before. In fact, there isn’t a single recipe in here I’m not itching to try, but like Heidi, I have my own stack of cookbooks to work through. Check it out!

Vegetarian Everyday

David Frenkiel and Luis Vindahl

He was an unhealthy vegetarian and she was a health-conscious omnivore. They met, they married, their food met in the middle. As you may have guessed from my posts, I’m not a vegetarian. I DO however, appreciate creativity in the kitchen and oh man, is this cookbook a gold mine. Beet Bourguignon, you guys. You read that right. Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon, but with beets instead of meat and oh my gosh is it good. I love it when meat-free recipes come together without all of the soy meat and cheeze replacements. In my brief stint as a full-time veg head, I can’t tell you how many times I was affronted with the question “If vegetarians are supposed to hate meat, then why do they try so hard to copy all of the delicious animal products?” The answer is, you don’t, and you’ll find plenty of excellent examples on their blog, their iPad app, and of course, their cookbook. I found the app before anything else and was absolutely blown away by their stunning photography and with each recipe I tried, I hungrily searched for more. I would recommend their chocolate walnut chili with coffee and red wine. Seriously, who needs meat?


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  1. Beth- I’m looking for a vegan zucchini banana bread recipe. Any chance this book might have one?

    1. Beth'sBites says:

      This one does not, but I’ll see what I can find and pass it on!

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